La Mère Luxe Petite - Black


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Now with softer leather!


Product Description:

Five outside pockets:

  • Two slanted side pockets with added depth for wide bottles
  • Two front pockets; magnetic slip and zipper pocket
  • Back slip pocket

Six inside pockets:

  • Zipper pocket against back wall 
  • Padded, magnetic-closure tablet pocket
  • Two mesh pockets
  • Two nylon pockets; one large and one small


  • Black Full Grain Leather (see Leather Quality 101)
  • Leather grab handle
  • YKK zippers
  • Antique silver hardware
  • Two-way top zipper
  • Hand-wrapped leather tassel zipper pulls
  • Adjustable Backpack strap length range from 16" - 30" 
  • Leather-trimmed messenger strap; 50" at longest length
  • Water-resistant, wipeable lining
  • Long strap key fob
  • Protective feet on bag bottom
  • Comes with 365-day Limited Warranty

Additional Product Details:

  • Size: 9.75W x 11H x 5.25 Deep
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 12 L


Ethically and responsibly handmade


Genuine Leather Products Warranty:  365 Days

Our cow leather products come with a 365-day limited warranty on items purchased from Azaria or an authorized dealer for a period of THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE (365) DAYS from the date of purchase by the original end-user purchaser.  The warranty covers faulty hardware, defects in materials and craftsmanship that affect functionality, or significant aesthetic issues upon arrival to customer.

If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, after inspection and at its option and discretion, Azaria will either (1) repair the defect, or (2) replace the product, or (3) issue store credit. Only items received in unused condition within 30 days from the original purchase date are eligible for a refund.

All warranty claims must be approved through customer support at In all warranty claims, repairs will be considered as the first option. Repairs are made at no cost to the customer if claim is made within the Warranty Period. If a repair is not found to be a viable option, a replacement will be sent to the customer, as long as the same style and color of bag are still in production. If it is determined that the customer must ship their defective bag to Azaria during the Warranty Period, Azaria will pay for shipping through a pre-paid shipping label. Damaged items we receive from the customer and are unable to repair will become the property of Azaria and the new replacement item will become the property of the customer. Please note that replacement bags are covered under the Warranty Period from the date of delivery for the original order and will not start over from the replacement order. If we are unable to repair or replace with the same style and color, we will issue a gift card or store credit to be used on our website in the amount paid (less shipping) at the original time of purchase.

Please note that our warranty does not cover wear and tear due to normal, proper use of product; nor does it cover accidents, spills, or defects created from unauthorized self- or third-party repairs or alterations. Here is a helpful list to assist with understanding what is NOT covered under our warranty:

  • Leather Wrinkles or Marks: Full-grain leather is a natural hide that comes from a cow, and sometimes there are natural marks that come from the cow's environment. These variations in leather are what makes full-grain leather unique and we consider it natural beauty.
  • Wear and Tear: Over the life of your bag, dings and scratches are bound to happen. Full-grain leather is more susceptible to show these marks and is considered normal wear and tear.
  • Accidents: Unfortunately accidents happen. A cap comes off your pen, someone knocks over your coffee and it runs over your bag, or Fido decides the straps make an awesome toy. Azaria does not cover repair or replacement for any accidental misuse.

To increase the lifetime of your product, we recommend caring for the leather.  Please keep out of the sun as it may dry it out the leather and cause it to become brittle.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Leather is porous and mildew can grow on leather, if stored in a humid area.  However, do not cut off air supply by storing in plastic.  Do not use soaps or chemicals. We recommend regularly conditioning the leather with leather creams or balms.  For tough stains, we recommend taking to a professional leather specialist.

Note that any treatment of your Azaria product will be at your own risk.  Please also note that products containing alcohol or chemicals may damage the leather and remove the color.  To remove ink, dirt or stain, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.  Damage caused by products will not be covered under Warranty.  If you choose to apply a treatment to your Azaria product, please first test in an inconspicuous spot. 

Please note that our products are handmade by people.  They are therefore subject to variation in stitching and construction.  Small variations are not considered defects.

We use high quality hardware and materials, but if handled carelessly, can be damaged.  For example, we advise against things like overstuffing your bag and putting unnecessary strain on the main zipper, or checking your bag on an airplane; airports notoriously rough-handle checked luggage and zipper pulls can be yanked off or bags may be damaged in transit.  Such abuse is not covered under our warranty.

If our products or their features are used against their intention, they are subject to damage.  This is considered misuse and is therefore not covered under our warranty.  For example, our bags are not intended to be stored by the grab handle and will put unnecessary strain on it.  Please only use grab handles for temporary transportation.  Zipper pulls are not intended to hold heavy keychains or objects.  We advise against attaching anything to the zipper pulls.  We suggest that keychains be attached to the messenger strap D rings.

We can assume that any defect that arises outside of the Warranty Period is due to misuse by the user, and is not the fault of Azaria.  No replacements, repairs or store credits will be issued outside of the Warranty Period.  No exceptions will be made.

All items purchased through an unauthorized retailer or a secondhand-seller are not covered under our warranty.  All items marked as "minor defect" and purchased at a local event, or items purchased through the Outlet section of our site are not covered under our warranty.  All items granted through promotions, giveaways, or collaborations are also not covered under our warranty.

La Mère Luxe Petite - Black

La Mère Luxe Petite - Black