"DRINK IT IN" Water Campaign October 2019

This October, we are kicking off a really exciting humanitarian campaign to aid in the water crisis, specifically in Central Africa!!
When I was growing up, one of my dad's big mantras was encouraging us to "drink it in", in other words, to really be present and savor the moment.  I still remember driving down country roads at sunset with my brothers and sisters in the car, and my dad would have us raise our imaginary tea cups in the air, pinkies out (because it's always fancier with your pinky out), and symbolically drink in the moment.  Since then I've been passionate about being present and living intentionally.
This past year, in horror we have learned about the devastating reality that many in the world do not live in fortunate circumstances as we do.  Simple freedoms we enjoy everyday, such as access to clean, safe water; many people do not enjoy such freedoms.
1 in 10 people worldwide lives without clean water. That is twice the population of the United States or almost a billion people!  The sad truth is that the responsibility to gather water often falls to the Mother. She walks up to 7 hours a day in the hot sun to muddy water holes; water shared with cows and wild animals. Many children miss school to help their mothers. This dirty water kills 4,000 children a day.
There are many water charities out there trying to tackle the problem.  We researched meticulously the one we wanted to donate to, and after a long process, we very intentionally selectedcharity: water.  They are able to cover their expenses through private donors, which means 100% of the money people donate to them goes directly to water projects.  We love the transparency they provide into the donation process, so we can be sure our money will go as far as possible.  Charity: water has already done so much good in the world.  We want to be apart of that, and we are pledging to donate to them this October.
Our goal is to provide a clean, safe water source to 100 PEOPLE!  But we need your help.
For every 300 new followers on Instagram that we receive, we will change another person’s life by giving them a clean, safe water source. 
For every navy La Mère bag we sell, we will donate 50% of profits to charity: water. 
We really believe we can reach this goal with your help!  It's quite simple:
1. Go to Instagram and follow us at @azariabrand
2. Share about us on social media in your posts and stories, and tag your friends to help us spread the word!
3. Purchase a Navy La Mère bag; 50% of profits will be donated!
Please help us make this dream a reality!
For more information on charity: water, please go to charitywater.org!