Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our motto "Make every day rosy" tells it all. Our mission is to help women with kids find more joy in everyday life. We believe there is a lot of truth in the saying that goes, "If mom isn't happy, no one is happy!" Our hope is that our products can make every day a little happier, a little simpler, a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful. A little more rosy.

Our Values

Sharing. We're big fans of sharing. In our family, we share almost everything. Not just the house, the car and the tv remote, but also our time together. We believe that's what family is all about. That's why we design everything with sharing in mind. It's these shared experiences that matter the most and contribute most to our happiness. What does mom care about? What does toddler need? What about baby? Or dad? We hope that by facilitating these shared experiences and making them more enjoyable, you will want to live more in the present, filling your future with rich memories for years to come.

Simplicity. We believe happiness is found in simplicity. We're inspired by our two beautiful little girls who remind us to find our own "inner child," one that is much simpler, happier, optimistic and imaginative in nature than the adult versions of ourselves. We try to infuse simplicity into all of our products, both in aesthetics and ease of use, to remind us how to be happier and to not distract from what's most important - you and your little ones.

Character. We believe the best things are those that last the longest. We strive to spend our time and money on those things. We believe that while there are many things that do change over time, some things never change, like what it takes to be happy. We have the same philosophy when it comes to product design. That's why we don't do trendy or fast fashion. Instead, we do timeless and classic to ensure our products retain their value throughout time and won't be thrown out when the current fad goes away.

Beauty. We believe beauty is meant to bless our lives. For us, it is a great source of joy as we have a deep appreciation for music, the arts, nature, design and the other beautiful things of life. That's why we labor over not just every functional element but also every aesthetic detail of our products. While outer beauty is wonderful, we work just as hard to make the insides of our products beautiful as we know that inner beauty is what matters the most and brings us the most joy.