27 Reasons Why You Need the Azaria La Mère Bag

Pre-Kids Style, Post-Kids Function

European-Inspired Design
1. Chic & Elegant. With its French name and Italian-inspired leather, you can finally reclaim your pre-kids style again because every element of this bag has been designed to make you feel beautiful and classy.
2. Timeless. We've taken a lot of inspiration by the minimalist ideals many Europeans share, which is that you should own less, but own quality things that you love and that will last through time. We design our products to not just last through durability but also in style. Trendy only lasts so long before you need to buy something new. That's why we don't do trendy. We do timeless, for style that lasts.

Care-free, Comfortable Carry Options for Every Occassion
3. Backpack Option. Comfortable nylon straps with a classy vegan leather overlay make for the perfect combo. Straps can adjust to any reasonable length to fit all heights.
4. Messenger or Cross-Body Option. Feeling like you want to dress up your outfit a little bit? The messenger option is for you. We even backpack straps with a detachable bottom that can be tucked in the back pocket so they don't get in your way.
5. Stroller Option. Do you want the stroller to do the heavy lifting? With our d-rings on the side and stroller hooks (sold separately), you can easily carry the bag on your stroller.
6. Grab Handle Option. Perfect for quick transporting and easy grabbing.

Just the Right Size
7. Fits the Essentials; No Bulkiness. So many diaper bags are just too big and bulky with way more space than you need, making them unflattering and resulting in you carrying more than you have to. The La Mère is the perfect balance, fitting everything you need for you and baby during everyday errands while not looking like you are carrying the kitchen sink on your back.
8. Lightweight. At just over two pounds, your shoulders, back and neck will thank you after wearing this bag every day.

Kid-Proof and Kid-Safe
9. Wipeable, Inside and Out. Both the outside and inside of the bag are water-resistant and completely wipeable, keeping your bag in great condition and free from stains. No need to cry over spilled milk here.
10. Scratch-Resistant Vegan Leather. We searched for the best vegan leather we could find for months and came up empty-handed. That's why we decided to custom-make our own exclusive Azaria leather that is not only elegant but durable and scratch-resistant, lasting longer than other leathers on the market.
11. PVC-free Vegan Leather. We use PVC-free vegan leather to keep the kiddos safe from cheaper vegan leather found on the market that has harmful chemicals.
12. Reinforced Stitching. We want our bags to last, and we take extra precaution to make sure they hold up under everyday use.

Organization for a Simpler Life
13. Five Outside Pockets. From our back pocket that easily fits our changing mat (sold separately) to our side pockets with extra hidden stitching for added depth to fit large water bottles, each pocket serves to organize you and baby's things.
14. Five Inside Pockets. Whether it's our stretchy, high quality mesh pockets which secure diapers and wipes or our zipper pocket that can conceal a few treats, you will love how organized the inside of your bag will be.
15. Key Fob. Losing keys in the bottom of your bag is the worst. That's why we included a handy key fob with a long strap to make your keys easy to find at any given time.

Easy, On-The-Go Access

16. Top Loader. With a top opening flap, access to your essentials is easy with a wide view into the contents of the bag.
17. Light Interior Color. Many bags are a "black hole," making it impossible to find what you need with a dark interior. All our bags are a dusty rose color, not only to make your life easier but because the root of our name, Azaria, means Rose. It's also a subtle reminder that life is happier when looking through rose-colored glasses.
18. Smooth Zippers. We use high quality zippers to make opening the bag on the go a delightful experience.
19. Stays Open by Itself. Need to look through the bag without holding the flap open? The corners of the bag's top flap can be pushed in, enabling the flap to stay open by itself and making it easy to look for what you need.
20. Stands Up On It's Own. This bag has enough structure to stand up on it's own, making it easy to access when you are sitting down.

Classy Colors and Prints

21. Goes with Everything. Our neutral, muted vegan leather color palette allows you to wear your bag with any outfit in any occasion. You can dress it up or down, and you won't get sick of it after two weeks.
22. Classic Hardware. We use five different hardwares with our bags, and each one has been selected for it's character and class. No glitz and glam here, helping you feel authentic and real.
23. Dad-Friendly. We designed this product with families in mind, knowing that sometimes dad is going to be toting the bag, too. Rest assured he will be comfortable wearing our understated bags.

We've Got Your Back

24. Customer Service. You've got a question or a problem? We are here ready to be of help in any way that we can.
25. Warranty. Our warranty covers any manufacturer defects.  We will always take care of you to ensure highest customer satisfaction!
26. Return Policy. We know you will want to touch, pack and wear the bag in person. That's why if you don't love it, however unlikely, we accepts returns within 30 days of purchase.
27. Free Shipping on U.S. Orders. We're so confident and excited that you'll love the bag, we'll even pay to ship the bag to you.

Did we give enough reasons? If you need more, feel free to read our customer reviews or learn why thousands love our products on our Instagram (@azariabrand). Or feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. We're happy to be of help.