Our Story

mckenna and spencer peterson

Spencer and Mckenna have been happily married and raising a beautiful family since since 2012.  We couldn’t be more in love with each other or our two little girls.  We believe in families as the bedrock of life and that nothing is more important or more lasting.  

After our second daughter was born in 2016, we were in the market for a diaper backpack. With two kids, we knew we needed a backpack because our hands would be full; carrying a carseat on one arm and a toddler’s hand in the other.  We had done the flowery diaper bag thing with our first baby, which felt like it was a bag for the child!  Juvenile and loud.  Mckenna knew she wanted something elegant, neutral and understated. This was a bag for her after all; a constant companion throughout the short and long days of motherhood.  She scoured the internet for months, searching for the perfect bag.  She couldn’t find a bag she was in love with (not to mention one Spencer wasn’t embarrassed to wear from time to time).  They were either too loud or bulky or bling or sporty or missing key functionality components.  Diaper bags are too expensive to settle for less than what you need! 

Spencer, a true entrepreneur at his core and always brainstorming the next big thing, said to Mckenna one night, "Why don't you just design your own diaper bag?”

“Yeah…I’m sure my background in Economics will be a great help.”  

“Whatever!  DIY.”

He pushed her out of her comfort zone to imagine something that didn’t yet exist…and to bring it to life.  Spencer and Mckenna are dreamers that love to envision the world as a better place.

Committed to being a stay-at-home mom, Mckenna spent her limited free time during naps, nights and weekends making crude sketches of the bag she dreamed of, meanwhile googling how to build a prototype.  After a couple months, we built our first prototype!  It was HIDEOUS!  We spent the next several months gathering feedback from hundreds of moms online and in person, iterating on every square inch (inside and out), building prototype after prototype, going through a lot of our savings to bring this dream to life.  Spencer was every bit as involved in the design process, and several of the most key elements of our bag are thanks to him.  We also studied hundreds of different kinds of leathers and materials to be able to build the best quality, most aesthetically pleasing and functional bag.  Finally, the bag was ready.  It met our high design standards as well as our functional needs. We finally had in front of us the bag that started off only as a vague idea, La Mère (mother in French).

After a surprisingly successful launch (we couldn’t believe people actually wanted to buy our bag!), the work picked up and Mckenna couldn't keep up with the business while still giving our two girls, Rose and Millie, the time and attention she wanted to give them. So with a big leap of faith, Spencer quit his job at a growing and successful software startup to help Mckenna run the business. We now get to work side-by-side on this fun and exciting venture together.  It is so fun for us each to be able to work with our best friend.