Introducing...Positivity Loungewear!

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, this is something truly historic and devastating, a time we will remember for the rest of our lives. Everyone is experiencing some level of hardship, whether dealing with the illness directly themselves or their loved ones, putting themselves at risk as healthcare workers, tending to those with the illness, or protecting themselves, their families and communities from it by staying home and staying safe. We know there is a lot of fear about the future, about health, about financial and economic stability, and about the long term effect this might have on our society. Now, more than ever we need messages of positivity to give us hope, and help us feel unified during this time of isolation!

While everyone is staying inside, focusing on buying essentials right now like groceries and home goods, we decided to temporarily offer another essential during this stressful time; loungewear.

Introducing…Azaria Positivity Loungewear! We’ve designed this special collection of soft and cozy apparel, embellished with lovely messages of positivity, so that you can live comfortably in your home, while being reminded to have hope in the future.

We hand selected each piece in this collection to meet our highest standards of quality. You will fall in love with these knits; they are so soft, so cozy, so warm and will last you a long, long time.

We have been working hard on these exclusive, unique designs that match the sophisticated and artistic aesthetic of our brand, while still finding the bright side of difficult situations. There are even a few unisex styles we designed, so that you can twin with your husband, significant other, or family members and friends! 

During this devastating time, let this apparel be a reminder of how resilient the human spirit is, that we can overcome all challenges and that we are all in this together. On the sales of the loungewear relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committing to donate 20% of the proceeds to the Emergency Response Fund by the CDC Foundation.

During this time of economic struggle, no one is immune and we are very sensitive to the difficulties everyone is facing. As a business, we are determined to protect the jobs of our employees during this time, so this is not only a way to help our business stay afloat, but a way to provide essential items to you while helping the pandemic relief efforts. We are doing everything we can to contribute to our society and lift where we stand. Thank you so much for your support!

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