10 Diaper Bag Must-Haves for the New Mom

You may feel like you’re packing the entire nursery whenever you venture out with your little one. Yet, somehow, you’re still afraid you might run out of supplies! 

All new moms have been there.

The first question to consider when packing your diaper bag is whether you will have easy access to your car at your destination. If you’re just going to a relative or friend’s house, you can pack your bag lightly, and keep a huge stash of supplies in your car in case you run into problems.

If you’re off on a major shopping expedition, you’ll need to take extras of everything. You don’t want to find yourself running a mile to your car with a screaming baby for the spare outfit.

But don’t worry, new mom. Here’s a list to help you be prepared.

1. A Change of Clothes

A good rule is to figure out how long you’ll be gone, and how often you usually need to change your baby’s outfit. If you usually change your baby’s clothes only once during that time frame, take two changes of clothes. If it’s twice, take three changes. These clothes can be onesies or footed baby suits, depending on the weather. Avoid bringing anything too elaborate or you’ll soon feel weighed down with the extras.

2. Diapers

The same rule goes for diapers. Figure out how many diapers your little one usually needs in the allotted time you’ll be gone and then double it. Maybe even throw in one more in case a tab breaks or there’s another problem. Perhaps you’ll meet a frantic mom who didn’t plan as well and you can save her day.

3. Food and Water

This depends on the age of your baby. If you’re only breastfeeding, then the supplies are for you. If your baby is older, make sure you have plenty of snacks, formula and water. You never know when your adventures may take longer than you thought.

4. Wipes and Diaper Ointment

You can go travel size on these, but make sure there are enough wipes for any problems.

5. A Changing Pad

You want a clean and safe surface on which to change your baby’s diaper. A portable changing mat is the perfect solution. Don’t perch your child on a changing table up high without a safety belt!

6. A Fastened Toy and Pacifiers

You don’t want to bring that adorable stuffed lamb your baby can’t sleep without. Once it’s lost, all will suffer. But you do want to bring a loved toy. Just make sure it’s securely fastened to the stroller or somewhere else where it won't tumble to the floor or get lost.

Same thing with pacifiers. If your little bug can’t live without a binky, keep two on hand, including one securely fastened to your child.

7. A Small First Aid Kit

Bring a first aid kit for any small accidents on your adventures.

8. Ziplock Bags

Carry Ziplock bags with you for everything. A few gallon-sized ones are wonderful to hold soiled onesies or diapers when there isn’t a trash-can nearby. 

9. A Blanket and a Nursing Shield

If you’re still breastfeeding, you might prefer to bring a nursing cover for privacy. Don’t forget a couple of nice blankets to keep your baby cozy.

10. Burp Cloths

Like Ziploc baggies, spit-up cloths are wonderful to have on hand. Make sure you have at least a couple for spit-ups and other small disasters.

Keep lots of extras in your car. You’ll be glad for a change of clothes, even when your kids are potty trained. They will find fountains and puddles to fall into!

Good luck, Mom!


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