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"I love the overall look of the bag! I love that it doesn’t look like I have a giant suitcase on my back like most diaper bags! It’s the perfect size for my toddler and I, and I have no worries that it will still be perfect when baby girl #2 comes in a few weeks. It was between this and the fawn, and I’m so glad I chose Azaria!" -Olivia

"Moo love because its stylish yet functional and its not to large...Its perfect" -Sayida

"This is my 3rd diaper bag I've purchased in 3 years, but I think this one is my soul mate. I love the simple and sleek design, and it is just the perfect size! When I started looking for a bag like this all I could find at first were Fawn Design bags, but I never liked how big and slouchy they always seem to look. This design does not have these issues. I just love how practical and beautiful this bag is!" -G

"When I first ordered my bag the zipper broke right away. I was so sad, I wrote to azaria and they sent me a brand new one, as the zipper had been installed incorrectly. Great customer service" -Kara

"I love the shape, size, color and hardware. The grey color is susceptible to color transfer from jeans, which is unavoidable but still a bummer. It’s comfy to wear, doesn’t pull on my neck like my Fawn Design did in the past." -Kylie

"I love it overall. The design is great and easy to use. It’s very pretty and I get compliments all the time." -Cindy

"After using it, I did find that the bag is roomier than it looks but I worry the capacity might seem tight as my 6 week old gets older and I have to carry more around. Time will tell! I do LOVE that I can flip the top open and it will stay open so it makes it easy to find things, it’s definitely one of my favorite things about the bag. I have gotten many compliments about my bag even from guys who didn’t know it was a diaper bag!" -Kelsey

"I absolutely love it! I love all the pockets and space. Absolutely love the size of the cup holders. My favorite bag I wish I had all the colors! Definitely love my la mere vs my fawn bag." -Ivonne

"I think the company is wonderful and the bag design perfect. I will be buying the petit La Mère in blush when it comes out in May as my personal handbag or a quick trip." - Jeannette

"LOVE IT - I have told many friends about it both with and without babies" -Claire

"I love it so much, it doesn’t even look like a diaper bag and with two girls under 2 the backpack style is definitely a huge plus. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a messenger style bag." -Destiny

"I have gotten many compliments on my bag most people don’t know it’s a diaper bag." -Jean

"I love the fact that this is a backpack—super convenient! It’s a little heavy sometimes but it’s because I’m stuffing it. I love the wipeability of it as well and that I don’t have to worry about the material getting rained on like I would with real leather! -Jessica

"I love the size although too big for short run" -Marivic

"This bag is so beautifully designed and is WAY better than the fawn design in EVERY SINGLE WAY." -Jeanine

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