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"The bag shape is what is so awesome about it. It had truly the best interior I have ever encountered. I would like the option of tote handles, but i am probably way older than your typical customer. It gets TONS of compliments and questions. I think you under estimate it’s marketability beyond diaper bags. It’s a functional bag period!" -Sarah

"I love it because its functional and it doesn't look like a diaper bag." -Fabiola

"I love the overall design of the bag, I have no complaints and I just love it!" -Alexandra

"I LOVE this bag! Just waiting for more colors for the la Mere as well as the petite!" -Taryn

"Love the design & storage." -Eun

"I love the black bag so much, and the gunmetal accents are beautiful. Very chic. I don't have kids, but I bus commute and travel regularly so I need a large sturdy beautiful bag that looks nice but is super functional. It is an amazing park bag for trips to Disneyland, great for my carryon under the seat in front of me when I fly, I even use it to throw some extra groceries into when I don't bring enough reusable bags. I love it so much, best purse I've had. The fact that it was all vegan was my final selling point--thanks for being cruelty free!" -Megan

"I love the design/appearance, quality, and ease of use." -Hayley

"Its a good looking bag! Super functional for us. Love all the pockets." -Lindsey

"Love everything about my bag! So chic and functional! I also am 110% impressed with their customer service!" -Grace

"Overall, I love the bag! It's a great size and love the style and aesthetic of it. I also love that I can fit my 32 oz hydroflask in the side pockets!" -Teresa

"I love that the bag is a great size for basic needs. I’m not a overpacker and I found it frustrating having a huge diaper bag with only a few items inside. This bags is just right." -Francis

"It is beautiful, I feel so stylish while wearing it! And I love how smooth the zippers are! The grab handle is perfect and the bag is comfortable to wear overall. I love all the pockets." -Danielle

"I’ve been incredibly happy with my la mère!" -Cassie

"It’s a very well designed bag! Has everything I wanted in a bag." -Sara

"i love the style. it doesn't look like a school backpack. the pocket placements and size are very practical" -Chau

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