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"I love the flexibility of it, and that it looks nice enough that I can carry it almost anywhere." -Rachel

"I do love the bag! It is the most comfortable backpack that I have worn." -Tanya

"The pockets are perfect for dealing with [little ones]. That is my favorite thing and I have recommended a lot for that feature." -Kelley

"Love the design and functionality!" -Melissa

"I love it because it’s easy to throw on and has a great use of space!" -Crosby

"Just love everything about it. Exactly what i need" -Polina

"Really love the bag! I love that everything is easy to get to and doesn’t get lost in the bag" -Katie

"I have never wanted to leave a review so bad in my life! I am in love! My sister bought the La Mère Camel to use as a diaper bag and she is actually who lead me onto it. She absolutely loves it and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous but also wearable for my husband as well so I decided to order one myself and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve looked at a lot of diaper bags and pretty much hated them all. This bag is perfect! I love the design, material, look, all the pockets, that it can be worn as a backpack or crossbody, durable and I LOVE the fact that once my son is grown and I no longer need a “diaper bag” I can still use because it really doesn’t look like a diaper bag. It’s so stylish. We’ve gotten so many compliments on our bags. This is something I would definitely recommend to not just Mums but all of my friends, with or without kids! Thank you so much for all the thought and consideration that you put into making the perfect bag!" - Autumn

"Mamas! For those of you who are looking for the best diaper bag, this is it!  This is hands down the best bag I have found.  It has everything I was looking for.  Excellent quality and OUTSTANDING customer service!  Mckenna-the lady behind them is the sweetest ever.  Check them out! I really do love this bag...I have had a different faux leather diaper backpack before this and I have to tell you that your bag far surpasses in functionality and style. I have gotten so many compliments on it already." - Jen 

"This is the best bag. We have used it for vacation, beach and zoo trips. So happy we have it. Such high quality and so functional. Totally 😍 them." - Sarah

"OMG I love this bag so much.  I really love.this.bag. I get so many compliments on it.  People have no idea it's a diaper bag and just want it for a purse.  It's amazing...I seriously couldn't be happier! I've been meaning to post a pic of it on IG...When I do, I'll for sure tag you in it so you can see how much I love this thing!!!!!" - Sara

"I am in love with your bag! I have been searching for a diaper bag like this. I was not impressed with the quality or style of other diaper backpacks. This bag is everything I am looking for!" - Kati

"This is my favorite. Thing. Ever." - Helena

"I just received my bag in the mail, and though I haven't technically used it yet (baby is due next month), I just wanted to express my thanks and my joy for this bag. I searched endlessly for a minimalist diaper bag that wasn't gigantic and didn't scream diaper bag, and this bag is a dream come true. It is gorgeous, just small enough but big enough to fit the essentials, and totally something I'll wear even after the baby is grown...I feel completely giddy and spoiled to have found a gem like this bag. I truly had tears in my eyes when I opened it because it's such a treat for me this time around. Thank you for making something for the minimalist mom at such a great price point!" - Jessica

“I absolutely love the bag. It's super helpful and has lots of storage!! Thank you!” - Kelly

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