Reviews for La Mère


"This bag really hits all the marks for me, it’s very classic and simple,—doesn’t scream I have 2 kids and my life is an organized chaos— comfortable , not super bulky for a more petite frame like myself . It is super functional! I can utilize all the pockets which in turn keeps me organized using very, very minimal pouches and I don’t get scared looking into my bag!" -Katrine

"I love the way it stands upright, this is the most important feature for me. It is also easy to find things with all the pockets, light interior and open top lid. The pocket I love the most is the front magnet pocket. I keep my keys and phone there and can easily access them quickly. I get many compliments on the look of the bag. I love love love my Azaria! So much so that I got another one. And I would like a smaller size one too, as the La Mere sometimes is too big for me alone." -Tamara

"I love how comfortable it is on my back and it is the perfect design. I don’t feel like I’m carrying a bucket on my back! My husband loves it as well!" -Hayley

"I use it every day each time I go out! To the grocery store, for a walk, to go out for breakfast or lunch, all the time!...Love the design and color and how practical it is!" -Maria

"I love my bag and get many compliments! Love how smooth the zippers are." -Kat

"I LOVE the design and how the bag holds it shape; I also love that it has a grab handle, I can't believe that other competitor's bags don't have this; I also love that the messenger strap can come off, and that the backpack straps can easily be tucked into the back pocket; I also appreciate the inside mesh pockets that stretch and the outside pockets (all of them) for easy access to all my stuff! I am in love with your bags...I already rave about your product!" -Liz

"I have the new black vegan leather and have been very happy with how it has held up so far! ...I LOVE the new vegan leather. It’s so soft and durable and looks great. I’m waiting for the new leather to come out in Chestnut to buy another bag. I’ve been very impressed with your customer service since I had to exchange a bag because I preferred the look of the black leather to the original chestnut material. I like the leather zipper pulls too. I basically just love my bag and use it as my primary bag every day!" -Katherine

"The bag looks great, not like a typical diaper bag, and I get compliments all the time! It fits what I need without being a burden to carry around. And the height/structure of the bag is helpful for propping/supporting my arm when holding/feeding baby at a restaurant (for example). I love my La Mere and am glad I chose Azaria!" -Carissa

"I love my la mere. The bag is a perfect inbetween size diaper bag and looks great and I can double function as a work bag. It works great for my one daughter but size may become a concern as I have more children... or it will encourage me to not overpack! The top flap opens easy and I can see all the way into the bag. It holds it's shape and the slim profile looks great on my petite frame. The bottle pockets are amazing." -Ciara

"I love the more square design compared to other diaper backpacks, I love that it is a diaper bag but looks fashionable and I’m not embarrassed to carry it around without my baby. My husband likes it too, he didn’t like carrying my old diaper bag. I think it might be nice to have a bag that was a little bigger for when you traveling but this one does good." -Jade

"I love [the La Mère] so much! I’ve used 4 different diaper bags and this one is by far the BEST! Never using anything else!" -Kathy

"It’s our primary diaper bag so we take it everywhere: The Park, on a hike, to Disneyland, etc....I’m a raving fan!" - Kirsten

"By far the best diaper bag I’ve owned. Keep doing what you’re doing! So excited to see where this brand goes." -Kristy

"I love the compact size of it...Love the material and the design." - K

"I love the chestnut color, look, removable backpack straps, back pocket, and functional water bottle holders." -Mireille

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