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"I love the design of the bag." -Mindy

"I have both the old black vegan leather and new. I think the new is far better quality." -Ashley

"I honestly love everything. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast." -Shelby

"it really is a great bag! - even for those of us who aren’t moms" -Teri

"It is a beautiful bag and I love carrying it." -Diona

"I love how easy it is to organize and to find what I need. I love that it’s easy to see inside of. The backpack option is a must for carrying a baby and keeping up with a 2.5 year old!" -Lisa

"I love the ease of filling it up and taking it on our adventures! It leaves me hands free to enjoy my kids and our outing!" -Rosanne

"love that after using quite daily the 'leather' has held up really well, still looks like a fairly new bag (also love that it has a top handle)" -Kasia

"I love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. It look like a bag I would carry before kids!" -Hannah

"Love the large side pockets and the magnetic slip pockets. The fact that the backpack straps can be easily hidden when using the messenger strap is also a nice bonus. I liked this bag over similar ones for the more functional pockets." -Rebecca

"I love the bag and buy another in the future!!" -Stephanie

"I love it, especially how easy it is to switch up how I carry it." - Elise

"Love the slip pockets!" -Erin

"I love how it looks and feels on my back." -Leah

"Love the grab handle so much!" - Christina

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