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"I love the exterior bottle pockets. I love the grab handle and [detachable] backpack straps." - Elizabeth

"Good quality, beautiful, easy to use/practical." -Ruoding

"Love the style and versatility" -Vi

"Love EVERYTHING about it!" -Judy

"I love everything about this bag" -Jessica

"Fantastic bag - best diaper bag on the market IMO" -Su

"Running after a toddler this is just the bag I needed! It gets extra bones points for be stylish and Comfy to wear." -Heather

"I love that you can have multiple carry options. LOVE the hardware" -Queenie

"I love the style, the color, function, and material of the bag" -Roanna

"Thanks for making cute bags that aren't crazy expensive. I feel like I got what I paid for. I love the backpack option, I love the size and the chestnut color, I might want to get a black one too!" -Mackenzie

"Overall I really do love it. I love the look and different options for caring it. I see it being my go to bag when my youngest is a bit older and not needing so much things durning an outing." -Sade

"I love my La Mere bag because of the overall look. It doesn't look too bulky, even when I do have the bag filled to the very top when I'm out on longer visits. I love how it's a bag that I can wear when I don't have my baby around. It really is such a beautiful bag, and I'm so thankful that my husband let me get one for this next baby! I finally have a diaper bag that I really love to wear." -Olivia

"Love the look and design. Love the pocket placement and carrying options." -Sherneiria

"Love the outside pockets" -Corina

"I use it for everything :) ...I just love the smaller size, the look of it, and the backpack option is a must with 3 small kids! I don't even use the other straps, because I feel like backpack is the way to go." -Jen

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